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Multi-Hire Project

Our client a c. 300 employee European owned SaaS vendor in scale up mode, marketing and delivering business intelligence and planning apps needed to fill several high impact, senior sales roles globally.

Multi-Hire Projects UK, USA, Europe

London, Denmark, Boston

These included: 3 x Partner Management roles, one based UK, one based Nordics and one based East Coast USA, and in addition 2 x RSMs, one based France and another based Dubai.

They didn't have the resources available to source themselves

Their leaders didn't have the time, and their internal teams didn't have the capacity to give these roles the focus and investment of time required. The internal recruiters were working to fill some 20+ openings each.

Plans to develop key partnerships were being delayed

Over 50% of their deals came from partners, and over 60% were implemented by partners. Sales opportunity via Partners was being missed and there existed a bottleneck on their ability to implement deals sold and invoice!

A multi-hire solution

Using a structured headhunting approach, we met their hiring expectations across three continents doing so promptly with offers made and accepted inside two months, saving them time and enabling them to land "A" who they wouldn't have found via conventional recruitment methods.


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