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Critical hires

Your ultimate success or failure is not just about big jobs. High impact ones matter too. Business success is not just dependent on having the best senior leadership team. It’s not just about the most senior people with “C” suite titles. There are other roles of a high-impact nature.

These also determine your business’s success or failure.

Every month we help companies make senior specialist hires when a requirement:
  • Is hard to fill

  • Urgent

  • Demands a specialist/rare skill set

We don’t just undertake searches for senior leadership hires. We also complete searches in the next level down, what we call the marzipan layer. Such roles are more important than regular standard jobs but not as senior ones but nonetheless can be calling and critically important hires to make.

Examples include:

Sales & Pre Sales

Revenue Operations

Sales Enablement

Sales Operations


Demand Gen

Business Development


Product/Innovation Managers

CS Manager

HR Business Partner

Tech Support Manager

Delivered as one-off hires, multi-projects and long-term partnerships. Times are changing. There’s an expression…

“Time stands still for no man or woman”

Every year employers’ expectations of specialist hires increase. Becoming ever more specific, increasingly precise and setting a higher bar.

There is an increasing recognition that conventional recruitment methods fail to capture “A” player talents. Leading to an emerging trend of sourcing people into senior specialist roles using a search-based approach to…

Meeting cross-functional senior specialist needs

It’s people who make breakthroughs happen.

  • Win big deals

  • Retain key customers

  • Enter new markets

  • Award-winning customer service

  • Realise brand recognition

  • Best-in-class products/Innovation

  • Recruitment, retention and development of an all-star team

Searching for and assessing executives

At Robert Tearle Consulting, we help you to find the best people, build successful teams, and generate value for shareholders through excellence. We find exceptional leaders in tune with your markets and your organisation’s culture. We can help you build your all-star teams.

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