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Hello and welcome. We're a boutique headhunting firm.

What we do, is we help businesses find and hire exceptional people, who can make the exceptional happen.

Impacting business operations and growing revenues through headhunting - that's how we help our clients, and how we can help you.


Positions we headhunt into include:




VP Sales/Marketing


Product development

Heads of Professional Services

Customer Success


Locations: Mainly based USA, UK and Europe. Salary range: Typically base salaries from 100k to 250k.


Most of our clients are:

First to market




SaaS, software and digital/tech vendors.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Enterprise Performance Management

ERP & Supply chain,


Mental health


Risk management

BI & Big data


Recent assignments have been with clients in the above app areas.


We're what's known as a boutique headhunting outfit.

More than three-quarters of the candidates we recruit are people with whom we've never spoken before.

One of the significant differences between a headhunting approach and recruitment agents is that the latter tend to work from a candidate database heavily populated by inbound job seekers.

Often the best people for our client’s challenges are heads down and happy, not available on the open jobs market and not open to moving.

Our mandate is all about our employer clients best interests.

First and foremost, our priority is to our employer company clients who pay our fees, we are not a candidate-driven business.

We are committed to helping you bring about the best and better hiring outcomes.

It's your people who will make the difference between your success and failure.

Our focus is to help you to benefit from superior hiring outcomes!

This is particularly important because our specialism is in recruiting into high impact roles.

A hiring outcome isn't about someone merely starting in a role, it's about them being successful in the job and this is likely to mean exceeding expectations over a 2, 3, 4 or 5+ year period depending on the remit and initiative.

You'll find us friendly, fast-paced, objective and 100% on your side.

We'll help you save time and make sure you don't get distracted.

Hiring is time-consuming and arduous and there is also an opportunity cost of roles remaining vacant!

An added problem for employers is getting to an offer stage with just one prime candidate among a final shortlist and them saying "thanks but no thanks", and rejecting your offer in favour of someone else's or a counteroffer to stay!

One of our aims is to always create an all-star shortlist.

We bring an extra set of eyes and ears to the hiring process.

A bad hire can spell disaster. Whereas a good hire will ensure significant success. When it's important and stakes are at their highest, hiring decisions, therefore shouldn’t be taken lightly.

You'll benefit from our 29 years of experience, the insights and the expertise we can share with you.

Helping you to maximise your chances of successful hiring outcomes and mitigating your risk.


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