So, are you the right candidate for Robert Tearle Consulting? Only if your profile matches the following characteristics might you be a good fit:

  • 10+ years’ experience gained in the software / SaaS industry
  • Your occupational area is Leadership, Sales Management, Senior Sales or Pre-Sales Consulting
  • You can showcase a strong track record of performance – in the upper quartile
  • Stable and agile (you have had no more than 4 employers in the last 10 years and conversely haven’t stuck around too long – no more than 6 years at your current employer)
  • You have a degree or higher-level qualification
  • Reside in London or the Home Counties?
  • You’ve been living and working in the UK for the past five years?

So, do you meet the criteria? And are you the right candidate? We may be able to introduce you into the best opportunities.