Applicant: Date:
Position applied for: Phone:
References details: Title:
Reference taken up by:



Introduce yourself…States why you’re calling…to conduct a reference check for <name of applicant>

Your details have been provided to me by <applicant’s name> and I would first like to check if you are prepared to provide a reference?                  Is that OK?

Briefly explain the nature of the job and the key attributes/skills required.30-60 seconds i.e. four to five lines of text.

General questions

What is the nature of your relationship with the applicant?
In what capacity is/was the applicant employed by your business?
What were the dates of their employment? If not known, you may wish to volunteer dates from the candidate’s CV or LinkedIn profile and ask if they sound right.
What duties and responsibilities does/did the applicant have?
How would you describe the applicant’s overall work performance?
What would you say are the applicant’s strengths?
What would you say are the applicant’s development areas (e.g. weaknesses)?
Have you had any concerns with their performance?
Can you comment on the applicant’s: Reliability, punctuality & attendance and professionalism?





Job/challenge-specific questions

The key challenge/s of this role is likely to be XYZ, how well suited or otherwise do you think the candidate is to be effective in this role.


Closing questions

What is the applicant’s reason for leaving?
Would you re-employ the applicant? Why/why not?
Do you have any final comments?


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.  If you wish to provide any further information, you can contact me on…