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It’s not what you think that counts most!

Think you’re good on stage – think again.

As the platform for meetings has gone on line, there’s a need for people on both sides of the interview table to put on a better performance.

Boring, boring, boring… there’s lots of postings about virtual meetings however there is one thing you do need to understand…

Its what others think that counts most.

So whilst you may think you’re an ace when it comes to meeting people…

Different rules apply when it comes to VC ones… point #4 in particular


1) The need to meet & greet.

In face to face meetings there’s more of a meet and greet interaction – which allows you to get to know the person/people and build a relationship – less so with VC meetings – be cognizant to invest time from the outset in niceties

2) Expect a video meeting to be shorter

Which means that you need to make more of an effort develop rapport / build a relationship.

3) This also means you need to keep on subject

Be sure to set an agenda / agree what issues you’re going to be talking about.

If a video meeting is shorter and you recognise the need to build a rapport, you need to keep on track with your content – the only exception being when you’re talking about issues the person / people with whom you’re meeting with are clearly interested in.

4) Require very simple images

They will not show as well over a VC – if people can’t read / interpret them they’re meaningless avoid small text – you’ll lose credibility and their interest.

What works in a room is unlikely to work well over a video call – you may need to re-think slides or images you’re sharing.

5) Basics count

Setting is important consider the backdrop of your environment and consider wearing clothes which contrast with background e.g. black or navy against a white wall