Land and expand


If you are looking to expand your software tech business into Europe, you should choose London as your springboard.

We speak your language, so landing here is easier, less complicated and not subject to any misinterpretation.

Beyond communicating with us easily, culturally we’re close and you’ll find us easy to synch with, do business with and fun.

London is the proven pathway into Europe, its got an established record of working well.

Set up in London and have the biggest single market on your doorstep.

And on your immediate doorstep, the biggest single City market awaits. London is the biggest individual marketplace in Europe.

And its reputation among companies; self-promotion; access to markets; availability of qualified staff; quality of telecommunications; external transport links; availability of office space; business climate created by government; languages spoken; internal transport and quality of life for employees.

Make the best hires. And make them with us.

If you’re looking to set up in London, we can help you hire: General Managers, Sales Leaders and Heads of Professional Services, Senior Salespeople and Consultants and Customer Success professionals.

We can help you make your first, most critical single hire or help you recruit an entire winning team.

Robert Tearle, Managing Director