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Seven reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us:

  1. Assurance – we will find you the best person/s for the job.

Conventional sourcing methods are focused on just 30% of potential hires heavily populated with unemployed people, the weaker ones. For standard hires, this approach is okay however, for high-impact ones, it’s a limited one. Missing out on the 60-70% of the talent pool that goes unspoken to.

Our approach is one that taps into the “total addressable market”.

You can be confident that we apply best practices in the thoroughness of our approach and tenacity to engage with the best talents.

2. Strong positioning of your brand and opportunity

You can rest assured that we will pitch your opening in its best possible light without overselling it. The best candidates need to be tuned into and subtly sold to whilst simultaneously qualified for best fit. We’ll showcase your opportunity in a manner that’ll make you feel proud.

3. You’ll enjoy meeting candidates.

Hiring should be an enjoyable activity, not an exhausting one. If you interview too many below-par candidates, you lose faith, and interviewing can become a chore. In contrast, interviewing people who are good and who are right is an uplifting experience. Importantly, when you feel good, you’ll also be at your best when interviewing candidates. The best candidates are more likely to say “YES” when they feel your positivity.

Your experience will be a more confident one. Working with us, you’ll be able to benchmark one good candidate against another. Versus best of a bad bunch!

4. Avoid wasting time and distraction.

Recruitment can be tremendously time-consuming. You don’t want to review an endless and ongoing stream of CVs, nor fix lots of interviews, re-arranging them, interview people who are about right but not right and get tied up in giving feedback. Recruitment is not just time-consuming. The killer is how distracting it can be. You’ll find our approach a liberating and empowering one.

5. Be confident in high-quality hiring outcomes.

You’ll benefit from the hiring experience that we bring to the table beyond your own. When it comes to hiring into your most important roles, you don’t want a mistake. You’ll be concerned that there’s more at stake.  Working with us, you can count on an additional perspective and 1000+ hiring experiences to help you to maximise your chances of enjoying positive outcomes and to mitigate your risk.

6. You can feel 100% confident in filling the role.

If you’re hiring into an important role, you’ll not only want a high quality of hire, but you won’t want to feel like you’ve left it to chance. Hope isn’t a strategy. If you need to definitely fill the role versus leaving it to chance, you can be 100% confident in working with us.

7. The candidates’ experiences are critical too.

We’ll ensure their experience is a positive one, too, by first positioning your company as a great company to work for, ensuring the interactions are positive and responsive, and exercising courtesy.

  • Working with us, you’ll experience pace, persistence, professionalism and have some fun.
  • You can feel assured of quality outcomes. We’ve been consistently exceeding expectations since 2004.
  • We can help you to enjoy superior key senior-level hiring experiences and outcomes.


You’ll benefit from our track record of success.

Our area of expertise is headhunting into high-impact roles across the “C” suite, management team and senior specialist roles in Sales, Consulting and Marketing.

In recent years our clients have included: Cybercube, Decibel, Jedox, Kooth, MentionMe, Scale-Up Capital, Sifted, Sponge, TAMR, vizibl…

  • 20+ years experience, over 1,000 hires
  • Successful projects completed in the UK, USA, Europe and APAC.
  • CXO hires made through us have taken businesses to trade sales and IPOs
  • Leaders we have headhunted have multiplied revenues 5, 7, 10, X
  • Hires made through us have enabled new market entry and scale-up
  • 100s of top-performing senior sales hires
  • Critical hiring needs met in Consulting, Marketing & Operations.

We bring a broader perspective beyond your own to your most critical hiring needs.

We listen. We advise. We deliver.

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