Are you looking to replace an incumbent without theme being aware that they are being let go?

This can be a difficult task, if you are directly approaching people it’s easy for rumour to spread which is why head-hunters are invariably commissioned to use a cloak and dagger approach: to confidentially seek out a new hire without the incumbent being aware that they are being replaced.

In our capacity as head-hunters, we are able to identify, reach out to and speak with qualified people without disclosing our clients name up front.

And able to pre-qualify suitability and interest in principle without naming nor inferring a clients’ identity.

At an appropriate stage agreed with our clients, we can have candidates sign a non-disclosure agreement committing them to secrecy and confidentiality.

This is especially important when organisations are keen to hire people from within the competition or within a close-knit industry niche.

Not only can we help you in the below the radar sourcing of candidates, we regularly have clients interviewing people off site at our offices to keep things under cover.

If you own or work for a tech or software firm, and wish to make Leadership, Senior Sales or Consulting appointments – then you’re in the right place.

Robert Tearle, Managing Director