Is it time to put your career back at the top of your agenda?

If you are a professional or executive, chances are that taking that next step forward or assum-ing a new job, with fresh challenges and more pathways in which to progress your career – are taking a backseat to life’s other demands.

Are you letting the non-stop pressure at work and in your home-life lock you into a work groove which just isn’t going anywhere?

Is time and opportunity passing you by?

To progress you need to do something different.

So, your options are to keep your fingers crossed that something ideal so happens to come your way or more pro-actively…. you brain storm what you really want and come up with a plan of action.

Career planning is something you think of in the context of people in the early stages of their career however to exploit your full potential you need to be cognizant that career planning and development applies throughout your career life-cycle.

Career planning doesn’t have to mean big complex plans.

If you’d like to be taken out of your comfort zone and read up on some relevant ideas which will help stimulate your brain you’re in the right place.

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Robert Tearle, Managing Director