Not all things to all people…

We don’t help people find jobs

Our focus is prioritised on employers

For the few not for the many. We’re a headhunting firm, not a recruitment consultancy.

We don’t maintain a register of candidates.

If you’d like to understand if you’d be a prospective candidate for us and if it would be appropriate for you to be on our radar, and vice versa…

Click here to view the qualities of candidates we’re ordinarily looking for.


If you are in between jobs…

And don’t know how to find a new one

We’ve got good news for you.

Find a better job faster with our bright-future 7 Step job search roadmap.

You’ll likely need to make lots of applications, possibly 100s, and there’ll be considerable competition.

bright-future is a portal with guidance and insights to help you, including:

  • A job search dashboard created for Trello, it’s a smart organiser to help you be most effective.
  • How to plan your job search.
  • You’ve got some ideas, but they’re limited… How to open up your options.
  • What qualities hiring managers really want to see in a CV.
  • LinkedIn tips. How you can “Be found” with the right profile
  • How to uncover the hidden jobs market.
  • Explore and leverage all 5 job search methods.
  • Be chosen how you can ace the interview and negotiate a salary package.

All this for £24.99 for six months.

Click here to access bright-future.

If you don’t love it, you can cancel within 7 days.