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Your LinkedIn Photo

IS YOUR LINKEDIN PHOTO FIT FOR PURPOSE? Every picture tells a thousand words. In our capacity as head-hunters we’re continually assessing people. Here’s our observations of what characteristics your LinkedIn photo needs to project. LinkedIn is a professional site and your photo will ideally reflect this! You should be looking directly at the camera Ideally smiling unlike a passport photo where you are expected to be deadpan The image you project will ideally be one which suggests you are approachable, confident, positive and energized. Professional, clean cut, beards create barriers. Your image should be contemporary, credible. How current is...

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WHAT ARE PEOPLE IN THE HIRING SEAT LOOKING FOR? Consider re-writing your CV or a major re-fresh. For anyone sitting in a hiring seat, their first point of reference when deciding to choose to interview someone or to reject them will be based on their CV. Beyond a simple YES or NO, assuming you progress through a recruitment process towards a job offer, your CV is likely to be viewed by other people in the company! These people may influence not only hiring decisions but also the grade and generosity of any job offer, furthermore they may be involved...

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Consultant, Big Data, ML developer role

BIG DATA Big Data, pre IPO Based London/Home, neg guide 100+30 Making sense of complexity. LONDON. Big Data. We have both Pre & Post Sales roles, our client applied Machine Learning to Big Data. The problem organisations face is that the data and its sources is changing all the time and conventional solutions fail to address this. Its too complex, too big and too dynamic for human smarts to address and similarly, it needs human intelligence not just smart tech. So I’m feeling excited and confident about recruiting into this role … in which ML is being applied to unify, the complex mass of dynamic information that is Big Data. Our clients’ solutions, are proven and reference-able in large scale implementations at co’s including: Reuters, HP, Toyota, GE, Google, US Homeland Security… Remit: To define requirements, design and implement solutions in conjunction with the client… not pure coding roles, there exists the need to work with customers as a thinking partner and on occasion challenge customer thinking. Criteria: *** Degree in a Science subject *** Data management, integration or Big Data exp *** Familiarity with core Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, tools such as...

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Big Data pre sales

Big Data pre sales – second hire in UK / EMEA: Based City of London Data Management solutions underpinned by Machine Learning to enable organisations faced with Big Data problems and opportunity, to address the complexity of info: variety, velocity and volume – and how this changes. Compelling smart tech, their clients include: GE, Google, HP, Reuters, GSK, Toyota…. Pre IPO, established 3 years, 150 employees in New York, two here in the UK and this hire will be the third. Big Data pre sales, Assignments,...

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Sales Director

Sales Director, City of London c 120k B, 240k OTE A Gartner rated industry leader in CX segments. The challenge facing companies in the marketplace is how they develop a joined up approach to capturing and keeping customers. One choice is to buy in best in class niche apps in each category and then try and plug them together! Another, is that you buy from a vendor with a full solution set which is more integrated and smarter – our client’s USP. This role is managing a team of 7 salespeople selling into the mid market and large enterprises. Remit is to...

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