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Robert Tearle Consulting is a boutique headhunting firm.

If you’re an investor, a business owner or head up a tech or software firm, and wish to make Leadership, Senior Sales or Consulting appointments – then you’re in the right place.


A boutique operation!

We’re what’s known in the recruitment world as a boutique headhunting outfit, more than half of the candidates we recruit we’ve never spoken with before…

That’s one of the big differences between a headhunting approach and recruitment agents – the latter tend to work from a candidate database heavily populated with people who are unemployed.

Often the best people for our clients’ challenges are heads down and happy, not available on the open jobs market and not open to a move.

Our mandate is all about our clients best interests.

Robert Tearle Consulting is committed to helping you bring about the best and better hiring outcomes.

It is with small and emerging companies for whom we add the most value.

It’s your people who will make the difference between your success or failure.

Not a global executive search firm to the Top 1,000 Global companies nor a standard recruitment agency, we’re specialists.

You’ll find us friendly, fast-paced, objective and 100% on your side.



Our clients are tech firms and digital businesses, for whom we recruit people into high impact roles:

  • Leadership (CEO, COO, CRO, CMO…)
  • Management (Sales, Consulting, Marketing…)
  • Senior Sales and Consulting positions

On base salaries in excess of £150K, £125k and £100k respectively.

Predominantly based in the UK and Europe.

It’s well known that having the right people on board is the key to success in any industry.

As a business owner or leader, your most important decisions will be your people ones.

However, hiring them is often time consuming and arduous.

We’ll help you save time and make sure you don’t get distracted.

And there’s added pressure: a bad hire can spell disaster.

Whereas a good hire will ensure significant success. These decisions therefore shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We bring an extra set of eyes and ears to the hiring process.

You’ll benefit from our 29 years of experience, the insights and expertise we can share with you.

Helping you to maximise your chances of successful hiring outcomes and mitigating your risk.

  • We use a unique, smart approach to help you hire exceptional candidates.
  • We exist to source hard-to-find ‘A Players’.
  • We have access to the best people.



It’s not just about hiring, it’s about outcomes.

Examples of success include:

  • In the table below you’ll see some big names however it’s with lesser-known names, smaller businesses with whom we’ve done much of our best work.
  • Helping business in start-up, early-stage and scale up modes.
  • Recruiting leadership teams (CEO, CRO, CMO & COO) resulting in successful turnarounds through to ultimate exit (trade sales and IPO).
  • Headhunting dozens of Sales Directors who have grown businesses 10 x over.
  • Hires made through us in Business Process Outsourcing have won deals in hundreds of Million and in one case £Billion+ contracts
  • In SaaS, one of the candidates we headhunted, won a $200M contract for our client
  • Hundreds of hires into IBM, SAP and Salesforce, our stick stay and succeed record is over 90% – this is more than 50% higher than industry norms.

Past and present clients include:



Capita Group (BPO)


Concur (Travel & Expense Management)
Decibel Insights (Digital Marketing/CX)



Digital Theatre (Online Theatre)


Drum Cussac (Travel Risk Management)



Infor (ERP)


Informatica (Big Data) HP

Kofax (Intelligent Automation)


Knowledgepool (L&D BPO)


McGrawHill (Media/Publishing)


Netsuite (ERP)


Oracle (Database & Apps)



Sprinklr (Digital Marketing/CX)


Toshiba (Electronics)


Vizibl (Supplier Collaboration & Innovation)



Do you want a headhunting approach?

This is most likely determined by the seniority and importance of your hiring requirement, the basis on which you’d like to engage with us and how much time you want us to spend working on your hiring requirement.

Do you want a committed engagement or a non-committed one?

Our approach is a headhunting based one most people are not familiar with what headhunting is….

‘HEAD-HUNTING’, aka ‘executive search’, is the process of identifying, enticing and securing senior executives into key positions.

And ‘retained executive search’ is where an external search firm is paid an up-front fee to fill a business-critical appointment.

To be ‘head-hunted’ applies only to someone who has been specifically identified for a particular position, approached for that role then hired into the company – unlike an active job seeker applying to a company or being introduced via a staffing firm.

The best talent is rarely available on the jobs market, so head-hunters will be very pro-active in seeking out those high performers who are heads down and happy!

A good search firm will explore the best talent, regardless of whether the person is employed or in between jobs.

Want to know more about our approach to headhunting? Click here.


Services available – a committed engagement

Retained executive search.

For Leadership and Senior Management hires.

These are your most important hires, where the stakes are at their highest. Typically base salaries £125k and above.

Fee basis: 30% of the basic salary, paid in 3 instalments; on instruction to commence the search, on submission of the shortlist and on the candidate start date.


Hybrid search model.

For hiring requirements in what we call the Marzipan layer, roles which are too senior for a conventional recruitment approach to work well and not senior enough to justify a retained search one.

For senior and specialist roles in Sales, Consulting, Project Management and Innovation.

Typically for positions with a base salary up to £125k


  • 10+ days invested in research (fully exclusive, under this arrangement any direct candidates you would channel through us – fees charged at 25% of the basic salary)
  • 10 days invested in research (exclusive, under this arrangement we would be acting with you exclusively however if you wanted to hire people directly you could do so – fees charged at 30% of the basic salary)
  • 5 days invested in research (exclusive, under this arrangement we would be acting with you exclusively however if you wanted to hire people directly you could do so – fees charged at 25% of the basic salary)

For services types with 10 days invested in research, if you decide not to go ahead with the hire, a £5,000.00 would be payable to cover some of the time invested in the project.


Introductions – a non-committed engagement

For ad hoc arrangements.

For example, the submission of candidates on a speculative basis or a one-off introduction. Fee basis: 20% of the basic salary, success only.

We don’t advertise, if you want CVs from file your interests will probably be better served by working with recruitment agencies… not us.



We work for the best in tech and digital, sourcing the best in tech and digital.

Contact Robert for more information on our process and to arrange a meeting. | 07843 277 774 | + 44 7843277774