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We do not offer any win, no fee services i.e. we don’t offer conventional agency services. The services that we provide are retained search ones.

Applying a proactive approach, a robust and proven methodology. One involving a structured process, comprehensive research, identification, pursuit and assertive engagement with the best talent. It’s one based on an investment of time, typically upwards of 100 hours. A retained approach is one focused on achieving exceptional and superior hiring outcomes.

Basically, some initial financial commitment from you (a retainer) enables us to apply a robust search and, importantly, to commit to working with you until you’ve successfully made your hire. Want to know more about fees?


Retained search

When it’s important

You need a more robust approach

Retained search

When it’s important, you’ll need to hire an “A” player.

And if it’s urgent, you’ll need to definitely fill the role versus leave it to chance and hopefully fill it.

People choose a retained approach when they want the role ‘definitely’ filled with an “A” player rather than ‘maybe’ filling and perhaps even compromising on candidate quality. Retained means to keep going until the role is filled with an “A” player.

We offer retained executive search for your most exec level hires and retained search for your senior/specialist ones.

Retained executive search: If you’re hiring at an executive level typically “C” suite, searches at this level are subject to subtle nuances between these and the next level down. Searches at the most senior levels are ordinarily more time-consuming and often have a notice period of maybe 3 months. Typically commanding base salaries of £150K and upwards.

The fee basis is: 33% of the basic salary, a three-stage fee basis paid in 3 instalments; on instruction to commence the search, on submission of the shortlist and on the candidate start date.

Retained search: For hiring requirements in management and in what we call the Marzipan layer, typically specialist roles in Sales, Consulting, Project Management and Innovation.

Typically for positions with a base salary up to £100-150k

The fee basis is 28% of the basic salary, a two-stage fee basis,  a retainer of a minimum of £8,000.00 and the completion fee (balance on the start date).

NB with retained search all candidates channelled through us, including any direct ones i.e. you are placing the ownership with us to ensure the role is filled, giving us a full mandate to fill your critical position.


Do you need to replace someone?

Making a replacement hire?

When it’s confidential!

You can count on us.

Do you need to replace someone without the incumbent job holder being aware that he or she is to be replaced?

In the headhunting world, this is known as a “Cloak and Dagger” situation.

And it’s one of the most common reasons why companies use headhunting firms to find senior hires.

This is because headhunters can identify and approach prospective candidates without revealing a client’s company name!

  • We’re able to enter into a dialogue with prospective candidates to qualify an individual’s suitability and identify their candidate’s situation and motivations.
  • We can positively position an opportunity without disclosing a company name and be vague about some of the parameters without exposing you and to avoid revealing your company identity.
  • Enabling us to pre-qualify the suitability and interest of candidates and generate a shortlist without the incumbent job holder becoming aware they are to be replaced.

Where appropriate, and at the appropriate time, we will have prospective candidates sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement to underpin confidentiality.

In contrast, an employer placing an advert or directly calling people may very well result in the incumbent becoming aware they are to be let go!

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Multi-hire projects

A breeze!

When making multiple hires

You can count on us

Multi-hire projects… Do you need to hire into several critical roles simultaneously?

You need good people who can help you grow your business, and you need them now… think you can do it yourself?

Best think again. Recruitment can be a time-consuming and distracting process.

If you’re in start-up mode, scale-up mode or need “A” players fast, you can’t afford to leave it to chance if they’re important roles.

If you need to make multiple hires simultaneously, perhaps 3-5 or in a short period of time, e.g. up to 3 months. We can also bring the benefits of retained search to multi-hire campaigns.

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Long-term partnerships

You need a smart approach

When you’re in scale-up mode.

Long term partnerships

Do you need to make ongoing hires in order to execute your scale-up plans?

You’ll need to elevate the quality and quantity of your team in order to realise increased sales, serve better and scale up through solid delivery and a foundation of customer success. Your ultimate success or failure will depend on having the right people in your most critical positions.

In the past, you may have approached recruitment one hire at a time. This may have worked in the past; however, it may not be good enough for your needs now and going forward!

You can expect to face two problems:

  • Firstly there’s an acute talent shortage, time to hire can be excruciatingly long and, therefore, costly. Hiring cycles can be 2-6 months from sourcing to the start date.
  • Secondly, sourcing candidates and interviewing people can be time-consuming and distracting.

To fulfil your business potential and meet the goals that you’ve probably committed to with investors! You need the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Without which you’ll fail to accomplish your milestones and goals.

It’s possible for you to address this problem, possibly your biggest obstacle to realising your full potential, with a three-step approach:


Step 1: To plan and anticipate your needs

  • We can work in conjunction with you as a thinking partner to brainstorm this.
  • Typically determining job type & seniority, sequence, and priority.
  • Forecasting your hiring requirements and timelines.
  • Identifying which role types will be the most critical to your success and hardest to fill.
  • We’d expect you to see these in clusters, e.g. leadership, sales, consulting, marketing, support etc
  • You’ve also go the issue of “risk mitigation” is there a possibility of you losing key people.
  • We can map this out and document it with you, or for you.

You’d probably want to adopt this approach for your most important and difficult-to-make hires, not your regular ones.


Step 2: To identify high-quality, high-performance, specialist talents.

The next step would be to research/undertake talent mapping for these clusters.

This would involve research, and mapping out appropriate industry sector niches and aligned areas, identifying specific companies operating in those areas and the people working in the job types and at different levels of seniority appropriate to your hiring needs. The people would be profiled and prioritised. We would populate this onto an assignment tab. Our search software is optimised to enable this, enabling us to give you direct access to this. In addition, provide lists in a format of your choice.

It’s a strategic initiative. Hiring timescales can be 3-6 months.

No need to put your business plans on hold if you’ve planned in advance! With us or without us adopting this approach will place you in the driving seat of your business.

You’ve got a list of pre-identified talent to quickly tap into!

There’s merit in undertaking this approach once. However, there’s even greater merit in making sure your pre-identified talent is up to date. We can accommodate your preferences to create this intelligence as a one-off or on an ongoing quarterly or half-yearly subscription basis.

Pre-identifying talent undertaken properly requires know-how and a considerable investment of time. This isn’t a four-figure sum. It’s a five or even six-figure investment.

It’ll be worth it. Large enterprises like Microsoft invest tens of millions of dollars globally in pre-identifying talent. They’ve been doing this for years. It works for them, and it’ll work for you too.

You may just want the pre-identified talent intelligence.

If you like, you may want to pick up on reaching out directly to prospective candidates yourselves. Otherwise, the next stage would be…


Step 3: Engaging with people and qualifying them.

  • Outreach to pre-identified candidates.
  • Meaning engaging with the identified talents, understanding their situations/ goals/motivations etc
  • Soliciting CVs
  • And qualifying them as actual candidates, screening them against your criteria using a competency-based interview approach, including rating and benchmarking them.
  • And all the follow-up to bring about successful hiring outcomes and make life easy for you.

The charging model.

It’s flexible. This service is one we’d expect to tailor around your needs and preferences.

It’s unbundled. This can be made available for you to choose to work with us for one or more stages.

Typically fees are broken down into three parts, one for each stage.

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Why choose a retained approach?

When it’s important, urgent or confidential.

Choose retained.

It’s a no-brainer.

Why choose retained? A retained approach is one focused on achieving exceptional and superior hiring outcomes.

|            You don’t want to make mistakes when making key hires.

These are the ones that make the difference between you accomplishing your strategic business goals and missing them! Ones that ultimately shape the success or failure of your business.

Hiring mistakes can be costly. They’re time-consuming, distracting and carry an opportunity cost.

|            Your people network is too limited. For key hires you need a retained approach.

It’s easy to think that you can make a great hire from your people network however it’s limited. The reality is that this is a myth. Your people network is too limited.

Retained search is a pro-active robust approach applying a smart methodology searching the entire market… none of this low-hanging fruit nonsense.

One involving a structured process, systematically and professionally identifying and approaching every single candidate using multiple methods, including professional headhunting, to gain as much interest in the position as possible.

It’s one based on an investment of time, typically upwards of 100 hours.

People choose a retained approach when they want the role ‘definitely’ filling rather than ‘maybe’ filling. Retained means to keep going until the role is filled.

|            This superior approach requires a level of commitment on both sides.

Basically, some initial financial commitment from you (a retainer) enables us to apply a robust search and importantly to commit to working with you until you’ve successfully made your hire.

Retained search is a proven approach to help you to maximise your chances of successful outcomes and mitigate your risk of failure. For your most high-impact positions, your business deserves the best talent.

A retained approach is one focused on achieving exceptional and superior hiring outcomes.



The differences, between retained search vs contingency agency-based recruitment.

Click here to find out more about the differences between retained search and agency-based recruitment.


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Our 10-Step Retained Search Process


Elevate your senior hiring outcomes

Retained executive search

Outlined below is our robust 10-step process. Our approach is based on a structured methodology that combines both best practice and agility, enabling you to make the best possible hire.

To discuss your requirements at a headline level, your strategic business objectives, goals and plans, what you want someone to make happen, timelines and to develop an idea of your company culture.

To agree on parameters for the search and the terms of business.


A comprehensive briefing with all key stakeholders to develop a more thorough understanding of the remit, candidate profile and, similarly, from a candidate’s perspective, how your opportunity will appeal to the right candidate, such as identifying key opportunities for the new executive.

Discussion of potential candidate backgrounds and profiles.

And an agreement to terms of business.


We’ll document this in what we call a situation report which will contain detailed information, including a company profile, an opportunity overview, role information and responsibilities, and person criteria/profile. And it will include basic details concerning ideal source industry backgrounds where appropriate company types and candidate sources.


This stage will include a deeper analysis of the market, outlining key industry sectors, key industry niches to be explored and specific companies (hunting ground) in which Robert Tearle Consulting will source the best hire possible and documenting all avenues that will be exploited in order to gain access to the top talent in the marketplace.


The process of identifying specific sources and potential target candidates as ‘name generation’ or ‘talent mapping’. After identifying a number of high potential executives (the total addressable relevant market… often 100+), we’ll begin qualifying the potential targets and identifying whether they are suitable candidates i.e., focusing the search on the best targets.


Prospective candidates will then be shortlisted on the basis of being Qualified, Interested and Assessed.

This shortlist is achieved through detailed interviews that discuss the specifics of the executive job and explore the candidates’ background, competencies and interests in the role.


Interviewing notes will be shared with the client together with a precis of how well a candidate meets the criteria, including merits and any concerns. Where appropriate, Robert Tearle Consulting will make recommendations.


We’ll work with you to help with the arrangement of interviews, communication of feedback, where appropriate, and giving support and guidance.

This is a particularly important state, often requiring diplomacy, tact and a balancing act, in which it’s critical for us to tune into the interest levels of both client and candidate side, to keep both parties’ interest levels warm in what can be a drawn-out process and to show respect, gratitude and courtesy in communicating offers, acceptances and rejections.


In advance of getting to the offer stage, we will have sounded out your parameters and candidates’ expectations so that we endeavour to avoid wasting your time or theirs. Often, we’ll act as a mediator in this process to ensure both parties’ needs are being met.


Finally, although the search has been successfully completed, Robert Tearle Consulting will continue to maintain close ties with you and the newly hired exec to ensure both sides are happy and share any constructive feedback as appropriate.


What you’ll experience is an approach you’ll find that brings you the reassurance of best practice, enabling you to hire “A” players with the specific skill set to help you take your business forward.

It’ll be an experience that you can enjoy. We’ll eliminate the time-consuming pains and distractions.

Conventional agency and in-house recruitment processes do not benefit from this kind of structured methodology, the depth of this approach and the time that needs to be invested.

At the end of this process, you will be absolutely confident that you are making your hire from ALL of the available talents to you in the market at this time.

Click here to view our 10-Step Search Process as a PDF.


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Your people decisions will be your biggest ones

When it matters most

We can help you

If you’re an investor, business owner or CXO of a SaaS/digital vendor, and need to make senior, critical hires into “CXO”, leadership and high-impact sales, consulting and operational roles, then we can help you to enjoy higher quality hiring experiences and outcomes.

For your most important hires, making the right people decisions will make the difference between your ultimate success and failure.

We’re all geared up, prepared and ready to help you make better hires. Enabling your business to go further, faster.

Here’s what you can expect to experience working with us:

  • Assurance – we will find you the best person/s for the job.

Conventional sourcing methods are focused on just 30% of potential hires heavily populated with unemployed people, the weaker ones. For standard hires, this approach is okay however for high-impact ones it’s a limited one. Missing out on the 60-70% of the talent pool that goes unspoken to.

Our approach is a structured and transparent one. We will share with you, our logic in identifying hunting ground, sources, particular industry sectors, specific companies, and those people identified and approached. We can do screen shares with you. Our platform includes workflow/project management, specialist headhunting CRM, AI-powered search and LinkedIn.

The best people do not respond to ads or mass-market InMailing, we professionally headhunt each prime candidate by phone, not just sending out LinkedIn messages. You can be confident that we apply best practices, in the thoroughness of our approach and tenacity to engage with the best talents.

  • Strong positioning of your brand and opportunity

You can rest assured that we will pitch your opening in its best possible light without overselling it. The best candidates need to be tuned into, subtly sold to whilst simultaneously qualified for best fit. We’ll showcase your opportunity in a manner that’ll make you feel proud.

  • You’ll enjoy meeting candidates

Hiring should be an enjoyable activity, not an exhausting one. If you interview too many below-par candidates you lose faith, interviewing can become a chore. In contrast, interviewing people who are good, and who are right, is an uplifting experience. Importantly, when you feel good, you’ll also be at your best when interviewing candidates, the best candidates are more likely to say “YES” when they feel your positivity.

Your experience will be a more confident one, working with us you’ll be able to benchmark one good candidate against another. Versus best of a bad bunch!

  • Avoid wasting time and distraction

Recruitment can be tremendously time-consuming, you don’t want to review endless and an ongoing stream of CVs, nor fix lots of interviews, re-arranging them, interview people who are about right but not right and get tied up in giving feedback. Recruitment is not just time-consuming, the killer can be the distraction. You’ll find our approach a liberating and empowering one.

  • Be confident in high-quality hiring outcomes

You’ll benefit from the hiring experience that we bring to the table beyond your own. When it comes to hiring into your most important roles, you don’t want a mistake. You’ll be concerned that there’s more at stake.  Working with us, you can count on an additional perspective, and 1000+ hiring experiences to help you to maximise your chances of enjoying positive outcomes and to mitigate your risk.

  • You can feel 100% confident in filling the role.

If you’re hiring into an important role, you’ll not only want a high quality of hire but you won’t want to feel like you’ve left it to chance. Hope isn’t a strategy. If you need to definitely fill the role versus leaving it to chance you can be 100% confident in working with us.

There’s also the candidate experience to think about!

We’ll ensure their experience is a positive one too, by firstly positioning your company as being a great company to work for, by ensuring the interactions are positive and responsive ones, and by exercising courtesy.

  • Working with us, you’ll experience pace, persistence, professionalism and have some fun.
  • You can feel assured of quality outcomes, we’ve been consistently meeting expectations since 2004.
  • We can help you to enjoy superior key senior-level hiring experiences and outcomes.


Let’s talk.

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