Robert Tearle

Robert Tearle Consulting is a boutique headhunting firm.

If you own or work for a tech or software firm, and wish to make Leadership, Senior Sales or Consulting appointments – then you’re in the right place.

About Robert Tearle and our approach

  1. We use a unique, smart approach to help you hire exceptional candidates.
  2. We exist to source hard-to-find ‘A Players’.
  3. We have access to the best people.

It’s well known that having the right people on board is the key to success in any industry. However, hiring them is often time consuming and arduous. And there’s added pressure: a bad hire can spell disaster. Whereas a good hire will ensure significant success. These decisions therefore shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The challenge of hiring

If you’re faced with the challenge of hiring in the areas of Leadership, Management or Sales and Consulting, we can help. Our depth and breath of experience, especially where people with specialist skills are concerned, lends itself to sourcing the most appropriate candidates. We will find you someone exceptional – the best talent for your specific requirements.

Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise lie in General Management, Sales Management / Leadership, Senior Sales & Consulting specifically for SaaS, Consulting & Systems Integration, Enterprise IT and Software companies. We’ve excelled at meeting the demands of companies such as CapGemini, Concur, Eden Ventures, EMC, HP, Infor, Informatica, IBM, Kofax, Netsuite, Newvoicemedia, Qlik, Root Capital, SAP,, software ag and Xactly Corp. With over 20 years experience and 1000+ hires we’ve only ever benefited our 100+ clients.

We work for the best in tech and digital, sourcing the best in tech and digital. Contact Robert for more information on our process and to arrange a meeting.

Robert Tearle, Managing Director