Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You’ve seen it all before

Somethings changed…

Well, not quite, firstly let me tell you about a new phenomenon and I’ll give you a tip at the end…

In my capacity as a headhunter, one of my observations is that during the course of the last 12 months, there’s been an increasing trend of interviews being just 30 minutes.

πŸ•• Stating what we already know…
Video meetings and calendars have seen people undertake more meetings each day.

πŸ“… Peoples diaries are maxed.

What we’re seeing with our client base (SaaS vendors) and the appointment of people in “C” suite roles across functional areas and in senior specialist roles in sales, marketing and operations is that…

People in the hiring seat are increasingly undertaking

⌚️ 30-minute interviews

πŸ•΅οΈ Two-three years ago, interviews were face-to-face.

πŸ“… Today, they’re clicked into a calendar invite with a Teams or zoom invite.

This is a new phenomenon.

The second point I’d like to make is about when people play their cards close to their chest!

This happens mainly employer side, sometimes on the candidate side…

The danger of either side sitting on the fence is being indifferent to one another.

Particularly in a 30-min interview.

Tips, pointers, ideas…

From an employers perspective (Click here) From a candidates perspective (Click here)





An often overlooked issue

The balance of power

Who holds it?

Here’s a tip for you if you’re interviewing…

When you’re interviewing, you need to be conscious of the “balance of power.”

πŸ•΅οΈ A strong “A” player-type candidate may not yet be bought into the job.
πŸ‘“ A strong “A” player-type candidate however, the employer may be slow to realise it.

And this balance of power can change during a recruitment cycle!

From an employer’s perspective, one way to kick off an interview after the meet and greet… is to ask the candidate…

What prompted you to want to meet with us today?


The 30-minute interview

It’s simple.

They’ve got to like you and you’ve got to like them.

However, this is easily overlooked…

⌚️ 30-minute interviews

πŸ•΅οΈ Two-three years ago, interviews were face-to-face.

🚩 The reality is that this is a new phenomenon.

The previous meet and greet, F2F interviews are now rare.
The F2F interviews have returned, however often not till the 2/3 or even 4th interview stage.

There’s not as much scope to build a rapport on a zoom or Team meet.

It’s easy to overlook the simple fact…

They’ve got to like you and you’ve go to like them.

Either side of the interview, be sure to make synch/connect.

More difficult now than ever.

Zoom/Teams meetings are far less personal.

It’s also easier for people to cut them short.

And when we’re sat down, our manner is more static.

Sitting in an employer’s seat?

What you’re really looking for?

Here’s some clarity!

From an employer’s point of perspective, at its most basic level, what you are really looking to hire are people who meet 3 basic criteria:

1) Can they do the job?
2) Do they want the job?
3) Will they fit in?

The “Will they fit in?” is the cultural aspect, and often, what they really mean is do they like you, and will the people you’d be working with like you?

πŸ•• The 30-minute interview is a video one.

It is more difficult to establish a rapport in a video interview than in a F2F one.

The need to like and be liked applies to both:

Candidates &

And in a 30-minute video, it’s not so easy.

πŸ“ If you want to land the best candidates
πŸ“ If you want to land the best jobs

You need to make more effort than you did in conventional 60-minute F2F interviews whilst not consuming too much time talking about non-work stuff, pleasantries – probably best 2 or 3 minutes, no more than 5 etc

A fine line to tread!

Positive greetings, smiles, compliments, and acknowledgements will help.

The 30-minute interview, remember…

1) Can they do the job?

2) Do they want the job?

3) Will they fit in?