• Pre Sales Director, City of London, Big Data, pre-IPO

To build out the pre-sales team. The role is that of a Player / Manager. Must have experience in procurement and or supply chain.

No more than 3 employers last 5 years and conversely our client is not interested in someone who has been employed in one / the same company for a period of 10 or more years.

Transformative vendor, bringing innovation to creation, design and how large companies bring products/services to market.

Disrupt or be disrupted.. our client enables the former.

Already proven in over a dozen large global clients inc Astra Zeneca, Barclays, Vodafone

The role will require presenting to groups of people at events, and in pitches. Remit, to undertake pre-sales, define their approach to the function, scale up a pre-sales function.

Our client grew revenues 3 x over last year, the aim is for 10 x growth next 4 years.

Guide base+/- £100k, plus comm. Big stock.

Pre Sales Director, Jobs, Assignments

  • This job was successfully filled by us in July 2022, 3 candidates were interviewed.
  • Interviewing commenced F2F with us and first meet with the employer, then all completed with video interviewing.
  • 12 months on the client is delighted with the hire, and likewise the candidate loving their job.