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Competency-based interviewing is has been proven to be the best method for ensuring hiring success.*

It works on the basis that the past is a predictor of future.

In other words, if someone has done it before, they can do it again and at its most simplistic is based on previous competence i.e. proven ability.

Another approach is rather than ask about what someone did in the past, ask how they would approach a task (future/hypothetical).

Competency-based interview questions will typically begin:

  • Tell me about a time when…?
  • Tell us what approach you took…?
  • Describe an occasion when…?
  • How did you go about…?
  • Give me an example when…?

To find examples of competency-based interview questions for the particular job type, you’re hiring into, simply click on the job type in the table above which best describes the role you’re recruiting into to find out more.


*With the exception of an assessment centre-based approach, which whilst fine for people who are not employed most notably graduates are ordinarily not a feasible one for experienced, employed candidates.