Very possibly in this vendor, a pre IPO US company in a major niche in CRM whom already have people in the UK earning £500k.

This year they’ve doubled their commission scheme, and having heavily invested in marketing, sales and support have a platform to give a genuine £500k to £1M Sales earnings opportunity.

Guide £ 125k Basic, £ 250k OTE.

These jobs are only suited to go getting types, who are happy to prioritise their work over their home lives Monday through Friday.

Our client, is the pre-eminent vendor, in a CRM segment and growing c 70% per annum.

Already top UK sellers are earning £300-500k, with commissions this year commencing 10% rising to 25% it is only a matter of time before someone earns £1M.

Focus will be on 20 major UK enterprise accounts, 4 existing, 4 luke warm and 12 net new name target accounts.

Each of which has multiple businesses, departments… which can leverage our customers apps individually or better still joined up, and wall to wall.

With many decision makers, this role requires intensive and smart prospecting.

And our clients style is one with best practice and coaching, they work to a proven methodology… this role is working within a business in which the Sales leadership team have repeatedly created £ / $ and Euro million, and multi-million earners.

What’s on offer here isn’t just money, there’s also a journey – our client has a modus operandi which is the best in the business and will give people a ticket for life. Providing a sales approach, superior to others which you can carry through your career and go further faster.


  • 10+ years’ experience gained in the software / SaaS industry
  • At least 6 years experience in Senior Sales, F2F, enterprise scale
  • You can showcase a strong track record of performance – in the upper quartile
  • Likely you have already earned £200k in at least one year
  • Stable and agile (you have had no more than 4 employers in the last 10 years and conversely haven’t stuck around too long – no more than 6 years at your current employer)
  • You have a degree or higher-level qualification
  • Reside in London or the Home Counties?
  • You’ve been living and working in the UK for the past five years?

So, do you meet the criteria? And are you the right candidate? We may be able to introduce you into the best opportunities.