Is this you? UK, USA, ME, APAC calling.
Global Sales Director, London, c 120-150 B, OTE 200 + Stock
HR / Employee Experience Apps, SaaS

I’m interviewing for this role and its interesting determining peoples style, you´ve got those people who are:

Upbeat, positive, energizing and firm.
and those who are
Upbeat, positive, energizing and weak.

This is just one of a small number of exceptional openings for which we’re looking for exceptional people, right now we’ve got c 5 high priority searches on and a further 7 which are non exclusive ones.

Right now, we’re looking for a Global Sales Director based UK who will drive out an agenda expanding both the UK and international drive West & East.

Our clients model is marketing and inside sales driven, heavily outbound, smile, dial and demo with high conversion ratios.

I’m looking for someone with significant experience building, growing and developing internal sales teams in a pro-active / outbound context. Ideally gained in a subscription based business / SaaS or Insights, who has grown a business exponentially – managed multiple teams through high growth.

A pacey personality type, highly energised, living London / H Counties….

Criteria here: