Does your LinkedIn photo showcase or compromise your brand.

In our capacity as head-hunters we’re continually assessing people. Here’s our observations of what characteristics your LinkedIn photo needs to project.

LinkedIn is a professional site and your photo will ideally reflect this!

  • You should be looking directly at the camera
  • Ideally smiling unlike a passport photo where you are expected to be expressionless.
  • The image you project will ideally be one which suggests you are approachable, confident, positive and energized.
  • Professional, clean cut, many people are of the opinion that beards create barriers. Right now there’s a fashion for men wearing beards and moustaches however unless you’re a pop star or billionaire they may compromise your image. Some of your peer group may think it’s cool but they do not have universal appeal. I’m not seeing many of the executive leaders of businesses wearing them.
  • Your image should be contemporary, credible.
  • How current is your image, is it up to the minute or outmoded, which can be interpreted as out of style and out of touch?



  • Not looking directly at the camera
  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Pictures in which clothes compromise your image for example wearing T shirts, exposing shoulders
  • Ones in which your arms are crossed
  • Photos which may make you look awkward

Fit for purpose. Your photo should be context sensitive in respect of the nature of your industry, occupation, level of seniority and the level of seniority you aspire to.

Your photo is important and will influence whether someone is going to stop at your profile or move on? It shows how serious you are about your job and promoting yourself.

They’ll always be exceptions such as people in creative roles, or billionaires who don’t need to impress anyone. For most people, your LinkedIn photo should showcase the professional not the social side of your life.

If you are senior or if your personal brand is important, consider engaging the services of a professional photographer to take your head-shots to showcase you at your best.

The tips we have given are ones which have universal appeal. Appreciate it’s not so much about what you think, it’s what others think, which really makes the difference.