Your route to CEO

What separates out those who get the TOP job from the from the rest? CEOs are ordinarily from a finance and accounting or sales background, or else they have deep expertise relevant to the core line of business that the firm is in.

If your expertise is in a non-core business function i.e. HR, IT, admin or customer services, you should consider moving into a company in which your core expertise is their core business – for example an HR professional moving into an HR Consulting or HR Outsourcing firm.

To get to the top level, invariably you need to build experiences, skills and move through a series of levels, and scope of responsibility to get there – with some cadence – stay in one role for too long, and you may fail to rise through the rankings, and fail to build the experiences and track record required.

If you want the top job of CEO you need to be deliberate about how to get there

  • Setting milestones, timescales and in some cases, precise details will help.
  • Consider your ultimate goal (title, company type) and timescale (when you want to get there, perhaps five or ten years from now) and work backwards to develop a roadmap.
  • Identify what qualifications you will need, what experience you will need to gain, what accomplishments you will need to have made, what scope of responsibilities or job titles you will need to have held and how you will go about building a support network.
  • Consider building in contingency: what if circumstances change

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