Showcase your credentials

Is your CV representing you at 100%? Missing out on lost interviews and the best jobs? The more senior, the role, the stronger the competition and so you need a winning CV Resume.

Your CV/Resume will provide a point of reference to your employers when they are promoting, and when considering who stays and who goes — not just when people are applying for new positions.

Why they are more important than you think they are.

Implications as to where you stand in the pecking order.

  • At the most senior levels, the field is much more competitive.
  • Potential employers’ stakes are higher.
  • Avoid what too many senior people do — just adding the last job onto their CV/Resume with a few tweaks.

Implications for your career progression.

  • CV/Resumes can give a perception of someone’s growth potential.
  • CV/Resumes are sometimes used as a key point of reference when considering promotions.
  • CV/Resumes are sometimes referred to when re-structuring a business and deciding who goes up, down or out!

Implications for your salary package, now and going forward.

  • CV/Resumes in themselves give an example of the quality of your work.
  • A well written CV/Resume should suggest you could be a great asset to an employer and that you’re someone in demand.
  • CV/Resumes present an opportunity to show the contribution you have made to an employer in the past (your track record), and the contribution you can make in the future, giving an implied value.

If you would like to showcase your credentials at 100%, simply click below and choose from one of our three CV Templates (PDF):