36% of CEOs have them

What are we talking about? MBAs. An MBA will both better equip you for taking your career to the next level and enhance your chances of doing so. 36% of Fortune 100 CEOs have an MBA… It is a powerful tool in your management toolbox.

However, most people will not have the opportunity to undertake an MBA, given they will not be able to afford to step outside of the employed position, the seniority they have achieved, prospects which lie ahead of them and the money it will cost (direct costs and lost earnings, likely £100-200k / $150-250k).

For anyone who is ambitious and who has perhaps been made redundant with a large payoff or benefited from a significant financial gain or inherited money – an MBA will be an attractive option.

The reality is that for most people an MBA is something they will dream of but not represent a practical option. The alternatives:

  • Executive training and qualifications. Specialist business school courses, Mini MBAs and Personal MBA books.
  • Plugging skills gaps and enhancing credentials.
  • Marginal career re-alignment

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