When individuals succeed, organisations win

A great job spec should be your start point.

If you want your new hire to go further faster, you should begin by investing time in developing a well thought out job spec.

This can form the roadmap for an accelerated job search.

You can then get the right people on board, in the right jobs, doing the right things. So writing an effective job description is crucial to success. The job spec should cover 3 areas: the opportunity, job description and person spec.

When defining the job specification, you should consider: What needs to be done? Why does it need to be done? What will be the outcomes?

You should consider what the job involves now and think about how it may change over time, and through changed circumstance.

You need to measure what counts most.

A common management error is to measure too many, or the wrong outcomes, which may result in employees failing to understand or act on what is most important. There is, however, a small number of circumstances or regulatory situations where all areas are equally important.

Managers frequently fail to assess the job opportunity from the candidate’s point of view and fail to make the opportunity appear sufficiently attractive.

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