Elevate your career

Opportunities to advance are limit, which means that if promotion is on your agenda:

  • It’s vital that your boss, knows you want promotion and is on side
  • Not just your boss, you need other stakeholders to be aware and supportive of your motivations, otherwise if your boss leaves – your hopes may vanish with his or her departure
  • Can you narrow the gap between what is required in your job and what would be required at the next level up

Have you been passed over for promotion?

What skill sets are needed? You could even get a copy of the job spec. This could be achieved as part of a planned review or a meeting at your request. You need to know what core competencies are required.

Aside of narrowing the gap between what you are doing in your existing job and the demands of the new one – your chances of gaining a promotion can also be increased by standing out from your peer group. Here’s an extract from page 4 of our white paper “How to get promoted”:

Try to be an agent of change.

A significant percentage of promotions are awarded to people who have recently been involved in pro-jects which drive change. These might include those associated with new marketing initiatives, sales breakthroughs, quality programmes, product inventions, cost cutting schemes and technical innovations.

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