Selecting your next leader

So, what’s the difference between hiring leadership roles and the rest?

Remits are more sophisticated and there’s more at stake.

The more senior the hire, the more likely the role will involve shaping the strategy of the business rather than implementing it – doing the right thing rather than doing things right…

It’s more about strategic versus tactical objectives.

Remits might include high impact, long term initiatives such as buying other companies, pursuing organic growth or selling the business i.e. CXO and senior management remits are likely to be shaped by a company’s agenda:


Individual contributors might focus on short-term objectives such as new sales initiatives, supplier consolidation, improving service outcomes or implementing a more rigid process.

Exec hiring requirements are often heavily shaped by pressing business challenges at the time of hiring and the circumstances by which the vacancy has arisen. The replacement of a top performer who has re-signed and whose business was well run is often different from that of someone who’s been kicked out for failing to perform and leading a business unit in poor shape.

At different times organisations will face different challenges such as:


These will invariably shape the hiring requirement.

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