Hired for talent. Fired for not fitting in

How professionals and executives can best approach their first 100 days. One of the factors which most determines success or failure is the ability of the new hire to build a people network and forge relationships.

Expectations should be properly aligned.

When you ask the question “What is expected of the job holder?”, the answers will too often be similar rather than the same.

If you asked each party to list the Top 3 objectives and the next 7 – you are likely to have a big problem if objectives 1-3 are not aligned. And the subsequent 2 or 3 objectives, most likely underpin the success or failure of the first 3.

At the most senior levels, expectations are at their greatest. Not only are objectives at their highest but also timescales to make an impact on business outcomes tend to be longer – which means the quicker your new hire gets to work on the right initiatives the better.

Networking must be a priority.

Networking done properly will empower your new hire to succeed. If he or she fails to network or be properly aligned – the consequences can be, being fired for not fitting in. This issue is particularly important in BIG firms.

Different hiring contexts and levels of seniority should shape the first 100 days.

You should agree, what are priorities and positive steps, and any actions which are off-limits.


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