Hi, I’m Sheryl

When it comes to executive presence Sheryl Sandberg, CEO Facebook has it… What about you?

Sandberg is known to engage with every employee, apparently, she’ll often be heard to say “Hi, I’m Sheryl” and proceed to ask a ton of questions.

She’s known for celebrating her employees’ successes and believes that praise encourages people to do better work. Her style also involves setting high expectations.

Stand out from the crowd

The more senior you become, the more important your executive presence is. It is integral to your ability to lead, engage, inspire and move people to act.

What are we talking about and what’s at stake?

  • Impact & influence
  • Your on-line social & professional profile
  • Personal presentation

What’s at stake is people’s careers are not just one event, it is also the sequences which may or may not follow – who will be given the best projects, getting into that gem of a company which gives you a career boost, opening up all manner of doors and putting you in a fast track environment, one promotion lead-ing to another, a pay rise on top of a pay rise.

Your executive presence (brand you), is determined by how others perceive you.

Shaped by your image, interactions and internet impressions.

It’s not what you think: it’s what others think that count!

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