Find a better job faster

Executive job search can take months. So how can you, best capture your success and turn it into a new challenge.

Finding the right ones to apply for isn’t straightforward. For professional types of hires, you can expect to attend 3 or more interviews. If you are employed you are likely to need to interview with 3 or more employers to be offered a job which you want. And if you are in between jobs, this is likely to be 5 or more employers.

If you are employed, you will struggle to find the time for job search and if you are unemployed – each week of unemployment is costing you money. The reality is that job search is not a competency people possess.

You will find a better job faster with a well-constructed plan. Our Intelligent Networker 360° roadmap to smarter job search will help you. Designed for intelligent, ambitious job seekers: These ‘intelligent execu-tives’ will be in professional occupations, at senior management, director level or CXO (CEO, CFO, CM) level throughout industry and commerce.

What’s in it?

  • Developing an action plan
  • How to write a CV/Resume which gets interviews
  • Targeting prospective employers
  • Creating on-line profiles including LinkedIn
  • Your 30 second commercial
  • Making applications including grab and go templates
  • Accessing the hidden jobs market
  • Leverage all job search methods
  • Using social networks

If you would like to find a better job faster, simply download our FREE white paper ‘Intelligent Networker’.