EI accounts for 58% of performance

Do you know that Emotional Intelligence accounts for 58% of performance in all job types?

So, what is then? At its most basic level, it’s what your mother called charm and your father common sense.

But it’s deeper than that. Emotional intelligence has been subject to years of research and an increasingly wide-spread awareness.

In a professional working environment, it’s about making smarter decisions and how to best manage yourself and those people you interact with – whether you are managing them directly or virtually.

There is a direct correlation between emotional intelligence and business outcomes/results, here’s three examples…

  1. Executives with high EQs are 40% more successful.
  2. Increase sales by Sales 20%.
  3. From a HR perspective you can cut attrition rates in half.

EI is twice as important as IQ in determining future career success. And amazing news unlike IQ, you can develop your EI.

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