More than just a gut feeling!

Are you asking the right questions? Do you need a question bank? The most successful selection process are ones based on competency-based interviewing*. So, what does this mean?

Competency-based interviews are structured, with the interviewer working from a set of pre-determined questions. They work on the basis that past performance is a reliable predictor of the future, so you will be asking questions that will require you to draw on specific aspects of the candidate’s past performance.

Competency-based interview questions will typically begin:

  • Tell me about a time when you….
  • Tell us what approach you took….
  • Describe an occasion when you….
  • Give me an example of when…
  • How did you go about…

* There is one exception which are assessment centres which tend to take the form of inviting a group of people in for a day, to undertake a series of role plays and exercises however these are impractical if you wish to hire people who are employed, established in their careers and therefore not able, nor interested to attend.

is the most accurate selection method however you have got to be asking the right questions, and equally importantly properly assessing the answers.

Our Competency-based interview and question bank white paper is designed to help you shape your choice of questions and includes questions for occupational types including:

Leadership & management | Executive leadership | Management | Finance & Accounting | Marketing | Sales | Customer services | Manufacturing, operations, logistics | Project management| IT | HR | Governance, risk & compliance | Legal | R&D | Consultant / Management consultancy

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